How to stay calm and positive while surfing

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Tips on how to stay calm and positive while surfing, from the Surftwins Essaouira - Who give surf lessons and surf trips in Essaouira Morocco

Surfing is for everyone, it’s about having fun; a well-known surfer’s saying is “the best surfer is the one having the most fun”. It’s about enjoying the moment, no matter what the weather is like or who is around you. Just think about riding the waves and enjoy it.

There will be times when you may feel stressed or panicked, maybe you are new to surfing, or you have got the basics down and want to push yourself further to ride bigger waves. Or perhaps you want to try a new surf-spot, an unfamiliar one to you may pose challenges, so here are the Surftwins’ suggestions on how to stay calm during these times.

1- Think positively: You will be more in control of your body, your movements and your mind. It is easy to start thinking negatively, about what might happen or what could go wrong, which may result in forgetting the steps to surfing. If you say to yourself “I can do this” your mind will remember each step. It will stop you from rushing and being scared and you will feel more confident. Also, remember to smile, the more you smile the more you look good, helping you to relax and enjoy yourself.

2- Breathe: It’s very important to take your time. Deep breaths in and out. This slows your heart and your mind, allowing you to think more clearly. If you allow yourself to panic you will rush and make mistakes, but slowing your breathing will calm you. Your body follows your breathing, giving you more power and making it easier for you. Remember paddle and breath, push and breath, stand and breath. There are also some simple exercises you can do before you surf, start with some stretches and breathing exercises. Begin by crouching down, feet shoulder-width apart and hug your knees. Then stand up straight, taking a deep breath in and raise your arms above your head as you go. Breath out slowly as you crouch down again, bringing your arms down with you and repeat 10 times. This will help you to focus and enjoy your session.

3- Enjoy the moment: Forget about who is around you, they are thinking about their waves not about you. Allow yourself to relax and think about each step that you’ve learned. Visualise yourself surfing the waves, and your body will follow. Be warned, if you
allow yourself to enjoy the moment, you may become addicted to surfing as you will feel less pressure and enjoy each session more and more!

4- Celebrate even the smallest successes - It is easy to look at surfers around you doing fancy tricks, but remember everyone was a beginner once. Allow yourself to feel proud of
even the smallest things you do right, from placing your feet in the right place, finding your balance or standing for the first time. Surfing, like anything, is about progression and allowing yourself to feel every success will help you to stay motivated and encourage you to keep going.

5- Waves are natural, they can feel you too: Allow yourself to feel the waves as they form underneath and in front of you. This will help you to understand the ocean and stop you feeling scared of the waves. Babies are naturally able to swim, but it is through learned behavior that we panic and get stressed. Try to let go of this learned behaviour and be natural like a baby.

So take it from the Surftwins, breathing physically slows your body, makes you think calmly, which will allow you to enjoy each wave more. Enjoy the moment and you will relax and feel good, celebrate every success no matter how small it may be and be like a baby -
no stress! So remember to take it easy, you can do it!

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions we will be glad to help you and leave your comments below. You can also make a booking or send us a message.

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